The Celestial keys of Fairy Tail Manga

Lucy Heartfilia, a celestial wizard, has the ability to call out spirits from the celestial world with the use of the gate keys of the celestial spirit. These keys are categorized into two groups: rare gold keys and common silver keys. Let us focus on the rare golden keys of Fairy Tail manga.

Aries  – ‘The ram’, having horns protruding from each side of her forehead, is a shy being that has white fleece resembling a sheep. She uses her magic wool to immobilize her contenders.

Aquarius – ‘The water bearer’ is a mermaid that carries an urn around. Being one of the first rare gold keys Lucy acquired, she considers it as one of her strongest celestial spirits.

Cancer – ‘The great crab’, a celestial spirit with style, has legs that extend from his back and hairstyle that looks like crab claws. Cancer’s claws are used for attacks and are also useful for haircuts.

Capricorn – ‘The goat’, a human look alike, has goat horns and short white hair. Capricorn’s strong points are its combat skills and brute strength. He also has excellent skills in teaching magic.

Gemini – ‘The twins’ (Gemi and Mini), although separate, can impersonate anyone they have touched and also duplicate their thoughts and magical powers.

Leo – ‘The lion’ was first called Loke in the Fairy Tail manga series, before coming in contact with Lucy. As one of Lucy’s spirit gate keys, Leo fights for Lucy with his magic Regulus.

Libra – ‘The heavenly scales of Fairy Tail Manga’, adorned as an exotic FairyTail-Volume_1_Coverdancer with a veil covering her face, carries half of a balancing scale on each hand and uses her ability to change gravity to affect her contender’s weight.

Pisces – ‘The paired fish’ are a duo of black and white fishes. They appear in their human
forms as a black haired woman and her white-haired son owning a trident but revert to their fish form when there is water contact.

Sagittarius – ‘The archer’, a man adorned in a horse’s costume, wields a bow and arrow with proficiency. When an arrow is shot into the air, the arrow can replicate into multiple places and target many more opponents.

Scorpio – ‘The scorpion’ carries around a gun that looks like a scorpion stinger. He is a tough skin that uses sand magic and blasts large amounts of sand from his gun-shaped stinger during combat.

Taurus – ‘The golden bull’ is a Minotaur with the head of a bull and the body of a man. He has white and black blotched skin, belt with dark briefs, and a nose ring. He combines his twin-headed ax known as Labrys, and his brute strength during battle.

Virgo – ‘The maiden’, is a pink-haired maid. She has shackles around her wrists and the ability to manipulate the chains during hand-to-hand combat. She can also dig holes underground with her magic.


How To Discover The Best Juicer

There are so many things to consider when taking sample of your best juicer like our group did by putting together algorithms of comparison by different factor put into consideration in selecting at a random from a list of thousands of juicer onlineYou can as well look for your own top 3 juicers by using the criteria we used for making our list.

As far as the best juicer selection is concern, the most important factors of a juicer are priceweight range and settings and the satisfaction shown by other customers. Every one consider price as one of their constrain, well I agree to that but be wise not to run into something  that crashes in no distance time but those juicer has bejuces_naturalen relatively being pick for you but in the case of other product buy check price comparison as it will be of great importance to you. Talking about a juicer weight depends on individuals and where one intend in installing, so ensure to know exactly maximum weight item you want before making any move on these juicer. Setting comes along in the manual that follows the juicer, so be sure to read carefully before usage. What other people say about the product is an essential. The customer satisfaction is one aspect to consider, whether you are buying any product or best juicer. Look up for Amazon juicer reviews that will help you have a better knowledge of the products because looking at the juicer reviews may not reflect the worth as many tend to rate a product by its appearance without proper review, so that you can make the wise decision in the end. But when time is not in your side looking at 5star- rating is quicker in talking a decision for purchase. In this article comparing the customers review of the three items talk about, anyone  in view of making choice on the basis of the customer review will likely to go for the Breville BJE200XL Juice  Extractor with 3,004 customer reviews followed by Omega J8006 Nutrition with 1,071 customer reviews Center Juicer and finally Hamilton Beach 67608 with 471 customer reviews respectively. All the same, the entire product is good even as we’ve taken time to bringing to you their detail.

All of these juicers had been discussed in details features, pros and cons. Now it is left for you to choose from the list as it may concerns your self-satisfaction, you don’t expect me to serve you drink and the same time put it into your mouth.

The Top 3 PhenQ tipes of pills

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Solar Powered Generators – Pros and Cons

A solar powered generator is virtually silent and does not emit odorous and noxious fumes like the gas powered generators, so the solar generator is perfect for indoor use. Also, a solar generator does not require maintenance because it does not have any moving parts. Apart from having the ability to power the same appliances as the gas generator when on a similar wattage output, solar generators also have the capability to power DC (Direct Current) appliances, making them ideal for RV’s, camping and low voltage appliances that have been specifically designed for residences.

A solar powered generator functions by capturing energy from the sun through its solar panels or cells. The amassed energy (solar juice) is then stored in self-contained batteries. It is also possible to charge them entirely or supplementary by using residential wind turbines or by connecting them to standard AC wall sockets. It is also possible to use a car charger as a charging source for some units. This wide array of charging sources ensures the availability of emergency (or daily) power as required or desired.

Solar generators are essentially an abridged collection of various parts usually found in solar setups for the home. The solar units are made up of;

  • SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) Batteries
  • Wheels or a cart (for portability)
  • Charge controller or fuses
  • Digital display (displays charge and voltage status)
  • Power Inverter (to change DC electricity to AC)
  • AC, DC outlets, and USB

Solar powered generators can be combined in a chain or series, especially if you need to use more than one. For instance, if you have a solar generating unit for your home and another one for your RV, they can be connected together to give an increased wattage output which allows you to power a lot more devices for a longer period of time. Solar energy generator kits including solar panels, cabling, controllers, and additional accessories are available for people who desire the utmost functionality from their investment. The kits are not difficult to configure, however, they are pretty straightforward if you’re a handy person.

Pros and Cons


  • No exhaust fumes – ideal for indoors
  • No flammable fuels to buy or store
  • Free energy
  • Silent operation
  • Very low maintenance
  • Portable and scalable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safer to operate and store


  • Higher upfront costs compared to gas generators
  • Weighty – can be heavy
  • Recharge times can be lengthy